Case study: Dekko Secure

Dekko Secure is a flexible and secure workflow platform for critical and confidential documents.

CEO, Jacqui Nelson, was part of the CyRise accelerator second cohort, flying to Melbourne each week from their Sydney headquarters to take part in the program. Dekko provides a secure cloud-based environment where any group of approved people can communicate, collaborate, share and sign-off on confidential documents.

Entering the program in October 2018, Dekko had already commenced a Proof of Concept (PoC) with a state law enforcement agency. Through CyRise support and direct customer conversations with their client, Dekko pivoted their focus and messaging in December 2018. The focus saw them move from a ‘secure communications destination’ into a ‘secure workflow platform’. The change was subtle but the impact was great, with messaging that now directly addressed the pain-point experienced by law enforcement.

As a result of the pivot the Dekko look and feel changed, as did their marketing strategy. Together with personalised support from CyRise mentors Eddie Sheehy and Carolyn Betts, and industry advisor Darren Kane (CISO with NBN), Dekko’s message continued to evolve to become more relevant to the pain points of other agencies within the justice cluster. This further expanded their customer pool.

Jacqui Nelson, Dekko Secure

“The impact of the CyRise mentors and advisors has been of great value. Darren Kane has been instrumental in our success with law enforcement agencies and additional federal and local law enforcement agencies. Carolyn helped us to shape our positioning and go-to-market strategy. Eddie’s experience within the legal and forensic space secured us important conversations. Even now, months after the accelerator program finished, I’m able to pick up the phone and call Eddie to seek advice on our business strategy,” says Jacqui.

Since graduating from the program in May 2019, Dekko has on-boarded other departments in the justice cluster. In addition to government departments, Dekko has also secured two more Proof of Concepts via CyRise industry networks. PoCs with an ASX50 utility and an ASX100 organisation in the health sector see the Dekko platform applied in the enterprise space, a promising indicator for wider industry adoption.

“Having entered the CyRise program with a clear idea of what we needed for growth, we were able to get the most benefit from our mentor relationships. If you can be granular with your market and have specific asks of your mentors, you’re better positioned for success. We knew who we wanted to talk to and the connections established through the program were deepened because of it”.