We are excited to share these 5 cyber security startups from Cohort 5 with you. This is truly what world-class cyber security entrepreneurship looks like.

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We thank everyone who has been part of this journey -
Mentors, Industry Advisors and CyRise Partners.

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  • Providing visibility solutions for network security and performance. Raising a seed round.

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  • Network Detection Response for agentless connected IoT devices. Keen to chat to more potential customers.

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  • A cyber-uav firm providing security and threat intelligence for drones. Looking for more design partners and early adopters.

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  • Giving developers, testers, analysts and architects the skills they need to build high quality, secure software at speed via online secure development education. Seeking global strategic partners, resellers and fast paced development companies.

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  • Traild patrols payment workflows to protect businesses from fraud. Raising a seed investment round.

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