• Gus Balbontin

    Gus Balbontin

    Former CTO of Lonely Planet, Gus has since held advisory Board roles for initiatives like travel-data analysis service Volantino, and pre-paid data roaming provider DataGO. Today he’s Director of management consultancy The Roshambo Group, helping businesses grow and innovate, and co-founder of Sneaky Surf, an app that helps surfers surf more.

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  • Pete Cameron

    Pete Cameron

    Pete is CEO of Avalanche Technology Group and a Venture Partner at Giant Leap Fund, Australia's first VC fund dedicated to investing into “impact businesses”. He is an active angel investor with over 15 investments in early stage businesses and venture funds. Pete previously founded, owned and was CEO of the APAC business for AVG Technologies, which he exited in 2012.

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  • Debra Bordignon

    Debra Bordignon

    SVP Strategy, Innovation and Technology at NTT, Debra leads the strategy for the group regarding future technologies, offerings and partnerships. Debra was previously at Hewlett Packard, where she was Chief Technologist, Innovation Leader for the APJ office of the CTO, and Leader – Innovation and Industry Initiatives for HP’s Enterprise Services division.

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  • Didier Elzinga

    Didier Elzinga

    As CEO/Cofounder of Culture Amp, which became an emerging unicorn in 2020, Didier has raised over $US 150 million, grown Culture Amp to 400+ people in 4 offices and boasts over 1000 customers globally. He’s also a non-executive Director of the Atlassian Foundation, and on the board of Rising Sun Research.

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  • Vaughan Shanks

    Vaughan Shanks

    Vaughan is the Founder of CYDARM, a platform that enables cybersecurity operations teams to perform at their best. Vaughan was previously a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies, and prior to that spent almost a decade working in the Australian Department of Defence. Vaughan holds a PhD in Computer Science, specialising in high scale machine learning.

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  • Silvio Cesare

    Silvio Cesare

    Dr Silvio Cesare has worked in technical roles and been involved in computer security for over 20 years. He has worked commercially in both defensive and offensive roles within engineering. He is now the Director for Education and Training at UNSW Canberra Cyber. He also the co-founder of BSides Canberra - Australia's largest cyber security conference, and is a co-founder of InfoSect - a security hackerspace in Canberra. He has a Ph.D. from Deakin University.

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  • Rachael Falk

    Rachael Falk

    Rachael is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cyber Security Research Centre Limited (Cyber CRC). The Cyber CRC is a not-for-profit company that will deliver innovative research and solutions with an Australia-wide approach in response to the ever changing cyber threat landscape. Rachael has held several senior roles in cyber security both at Telstra and in other industries. Prior to making the move into cyber security, Rachael practiced as a lawyer for fifteen years.

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  • Doug English

    Doug English

    Cofounder and CTO at unicorn Culture Amp, Doug previously founded another startup, Jodoro, in 2009 after a career that included technology roles with the National Australia Bank, ANZ and EDS.

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  • Mick Liubinskas

    Mick Liubinskas

    Over the last 18 years Mick has co-founded 12 tech startups, as well as cofounding Pollenizer with Phil Morle and being co-founding investor of Startmate. His greatest successes have been travel-service provider Flightfox, where he was an investor and advisor; Pollenizer, where he was Cofounder and CEO, and which he grew to $3m in revenue; and Spreets, where he was an investor and advisor, and which sold to Yahoo for ~$40m in 13 months.

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  • Terrie Anderson

    Terrie Anderson

    Terrie Anderson is the VP APAC for RiskIQ, the Machine Identity Protection company. Terrie has over 20 years of experience in the cyber security industry and is considered a trusted adviser to many CIO's, board members and digital leaders. She has held senior commercial positions at cyber security vendors Venafi, Forescout, Entrust, Symantec, and RSA Security.

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  • Alfred Lo

    Alfred Lo

    If you think Alfred looks familiar, that’s probably because he was named one of Australia’s Top 50 startup influencers by Startup Daily. A longtime Startmate mentor, he has been the Investor-in-Residence at deep technology incubator Cicada Innovations, co-founded and led Singtel Innov8’s investment activities as Optus-Innov8 in Australia, and been the Head of AMP New Ventures.

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  • Adrian Stone

    Adrian Stone

    Three-time CEO Adrian cofounded and lead AngelCube, Australia’s first venture accelerator, which made investments in 31 local startups. Today he’s Founding Chairman of Investors’ Organisation, Australia’s leading forum for investors focused on tech startups.

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  • Vijay Chakravarthy

    Vijay Chakravarthy

    Vijay’s a National Security Architect at NTT — the latest in a long line of security-focused architect and engineering roles that have seen him work across research, risk, and solutions design for businesses including Datacraft (now Dimension Data) and CA technologies. In his current role, Vijay has been responsible for transformational projects that move clients to the next level of security — often by successfully integrating the services of innovative vendors.

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  • James Cameron

    James Cameron

    Fresh from a four-year stint as Vice President of Accel Partners in London, James is a Partner at AirTree Ventures, which has raised more than $306 million to find growth and scale-up-stage software companies. His focus is on enterprise software and cybersecurity, and before joining Airtree he covered Israel for Accel and worked with several of their cybersecurity investments including Forgerock, Aorato, Demisto and Crowdstrike. James is also the founder of Bipsync - a West Coast based and venture backed fintech startup.

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  • Nick Ellsmore

    Nick Ellsmore

    Nick is Co-Founder of Hivint Trustwave and cybersecurity collaboration portal Security Colony, as well as an Advisor to Bugcrowd. Previously Nick was co-founder of cyber-security firms SIFT and Stratsec, sold to BAE Systems in 2010, followed by a stint as a corporate adviser focused on the cybersecurity industry. He has served on boards and forums including the Internet Industry Association, the NATA AAC for Software Testing, UNSW Advisory Boards, and the APEC TEL Security & Prosperity Steering Group.

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  • Craig Searle

    Craig Searle

    Craig is the Chief Apiarist and Co-Founder of Hivint Trustwave and cybersecurity collaboration portal Security Colony. Prior to this, Craig ran the cybersecurity division in APAC for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence and was the Chief Operating Officer for Stratsec. A self-professed “security nerd” Craig has presented at tech-focussed security conferences in the US, Asia and Australia, and has been a member of a number of benchmark development teams for the Centre for Internet Security (CIS).

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  • Ulric Ferner

    Ulric Ferner

    Ulric is on the investment team at Right Click Capital, a VC fund that invests in technology businesses with global ambitions. He has deep product expertise in cybersecurity and algorithms, and has done product development at a number of startups. He did his Ph.D. in Computer Science at MIT in Boston and is an alumni of BCG. For kicks, he has a few patents and loves coming up with creative tests for product/market fit.

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  • Damien Manuel

    Damien Manuel

    Damien is the Director of Deakin's Centre for Cyber Security Research & Innovation (CSRI) and is the Chair of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). With more than 20 years of experience in senior roles at Symantec, NAB, RSA, Telstra and Melbourne IT, he specialises in cyber security, business governance, compliance and risk management.

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  • Daniel Potts

    Daniel Potts

    Dr. Daniel Potts is a security professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, and delivery of embedded and secure systems. Daniel has held technical and executive positions at commercial, startups, and major defence organizations including National ICT Australia, Open Kernel Labs, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. Daniel received his Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales through research into improving the performance of Distributed Systems. Daniel is currently at Ghost Locomotion, and is the former CEO of Cog Systems.

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  • Omaru Maruatona

    Omaru Maruatona

    Dr Omaru Maruatona is the CEO at Aiculus, a Cyber-AI company which helps organisations embrace new technology without adding to their risk profile. Omaru is a Cyber security and Machine Learning practitioner with deep industry and research experience. Before founding Aiculus, Omaru worked with Westpac, Computershare and PwC Australia in Machine Learning, Cyber security architecture and strategy. Omaru is a thought leader in the area of Cyber-AI and regularly publishes and speaks at various academic and industry conferences.

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  • Hamish Hawthorn

    Hamish Hawthorn

    Hamish Hawthorn is UpGuard’s Chief Operating Officer, driving operations and corporate development activities, and overseeing partnerships with the cyber insurance sector. Hamish has been involved in the commercialisation of new technologies for over twenty 20 years, and his experience spans the software, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing sectors. UpGuard is the world’s first cyber resilience platform, designed to proactively assess cyber risk for every organization. UpGuard monitors the digital footprints of millions of organizations, automates assessment questionnaires, and synthesizes those factors into the most accurate cyber risk score.

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  • Carolyn Betts

    Carolyn Betts

    Carolyn is a creative and strategic communications and engagement marketing expert. She is passionate about helping clever people and companies to build authentic brands and develop effective strategies to accelerate growth and success. Carolyn's extensive experience includes leadership positions in the media, federal politics, public companies and a world-leading Australian tech startup as well as running her own consulting business.

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  • Archie Reed

    Archie Reed

    Start-up advisor, investor and mentor since 2000. Was the Global Director & Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as well as led the strategy and development of HP's Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform and the generation of horizontal and vertical solutions on that platform. Distinguished Technologist & Chief Technologist-Cloud Security for HP from 2007 - 2013

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  • Eddie Sheehy

    Eddie Sheehy

    Eddie is a tech entrepreneur, investor and non-executive director with a significant interest in early stage technology companies. From 2006 - 2017 he was co-founder and CEO of Nuix, taking the Australian tech start-up from an R&D venture with two developers to build a profitable $100M+ global business. Eddie is passionate about ensuring founders retain control of their business as it grows.

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  • Rose Powell

    Rose Powell

    Rose Powell is the head of communications at PredictHQ, an event data services startup. Prior to PredictHQ, Rose has worked at VC fund, Rampersand, Australian unicorn Canva, and been a journalist for the Financial Review, The Age and The SMH.

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  • Mark Sayer

    Mark Sayer

    Mark is the APAC Cyber Defense Lead for Accenture. He has 20+ years’ information security experience in the design, implementation and operation of enterprise-level security systems for some of the world’s leading organisations. His specialist areas of expertise are identity and access Management ; cyber defence & operations ; digital and cloud technologies and operating models ; and threat and risk management.

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  • Cornell Tsiang

    Cornell Tsiang

    An experienced finance leader with a 20+ year track record across a wide spectrum of services, ranging from investment banking to heading up finance for corporations across Asia Pacific. As CFO, Cornell focusses on finance leadership within the technology sector with a particular emphasis on high growth businesses across Australia and Asia.

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  • Gilad Bakas

    Gilad Bakas

    Gilad is a hacker. Over 20 years of experience in securing and breaking the security of anything from OSs and browsers to embedded systems and hardware micro-controllers. Gilad has a rare, hands-on experience with the bare-metals of the Cyber industry. An entrepreneur and investor with significant financial and technological successes behind him, both in the governmental and private sectors, and a board member at MazeBolt Security, Gilad is passionate about new technologies and helping young Cyber startups create the future.

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  • Alisdair Faulkner

    Alisdair Faulkner

    Owner of global fraud and identity commercial markets and strategy for LexisNexis Risk Solutions Business Services. Co-Founder and VP product management and product marketing, and patent holder for ThreatMetrix the leading Digital Identity company acquired by LexisNexis a global leader in identity, fraud, financial crime and credit risk solutions.

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  • Ron Moritz

    Ron Moritz

    A well-regarded cybersecurity industry executive with over 30 years of broad operational, strategy and P&L experience. He served as a member of the distinguished corporate or cybersecurity business unit leadership teams at premier Fortune 500 technology companies Microsoft, Symantec, and CA Technologies, and as CTO of Finjan Software, a first-generation advanced persistent threat start-up, known today as Singtel’s Secure Web Gateway. Most recently, Ron was the CEO of Israeli start-up, BioCatch, an innovator in cognitive biometrics and continuous authentication.

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  • Kristian Howard

    Kristian Howard

    Director at Penten. A technology executive with 20 years experience in leadership positions within Government and Commercial industries, having held senior roles working with highly qualified and experienced people in the US DoD, NATO, the Australian DoD and Australian Industry. Kristian has a proven record of technical, interpersonal and engagement skills, successfully guiding teams to accomplish complex modernisation tasks in challenging environments.

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  • Ben Whitham

    Ben Whitham

    Ben is a cyber security entrepreneur and engineer. After a career in the military, Ben worked as a consultant in a number of Australian government and commercial cyber incident response teams. He co-founded several companies, including M5 Network Security. Now with his new venture, Penten, he is working to create the next generations of cyber deceptions to help protect business data and detect and track intruders.

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  • Matthew Wilson

    Matthew Wilson

    Matthew is a founder and CEO of cyber engineering firm Penten which was named 2018 Australian Business of the Year and awarded 2018 Australian Platforms and Infrastructure Innovation of the Year. A successful technology entrepreneur with experience in development and commercialisation of software, hardware, cyber security and communications technologies. Matthew led the team that successfully built and sold award winning cyber security firm M5 Network Security to US defense contractor Northrop Grumman and build and sold an IP communications firm to US business communications provider ShoreTel, Inc (now Mitel).

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  • Ami Hofman

    Ami Hofman

    Ami Hofman is a Cybersecurity evangelist and industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry. During this time, Ami has performed a number of cybersecurity strategic roles and currently serves as the Technology Lead across NTT security solutions and platforms. Ami is based in Tel Aviv supporting key innovation initiatives and strategic investments in the local startup community.

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  • Jesse Scott

    Jesse Scott

    Jesse is a Cyber Security technologist and entrepreneur. His career ranges from scientific and engineering R&D for NATO, to joining and helping incubate two unicorn start-ups (CrowdStrike and LightSpeed). Jesse is currently working for Barclays Ventures as Director of Cyber Innovation seeking to build new cyber-based business lines, partner & joint-venture with industry, and invest in the top cyber start-ups across the globe.

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  • Anthony Bettini

    Anthony Bettini

    Anthony Bettini is the CTO for WhiteHat Security, the leader in Application Security and now part of NTT, enabling businesses to protect critical data, ensure compliance, and manage risk. Previously, Anthony ran Tenable Research where Anthony joined via Tenable’s acquisition of FlawCheck – a leading Container Security startup where Anthony was the Founder & CEO. Before its acquisition by Symantec, Anthony was Founder & CEO of Appthority, a leading Mobile Security startup and winner of the “Most Innovative Company of the Year” award at the RSA Conference.

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