• Casey Ellis: Cofounder and CTO, Bugcrowd

    Our guest for this episode is Casey Ellis, Founder and CTO of Bugcrowd. In this episode we discuss startup accelerators, co-founder breakups, hiring a CEO to replace you and what to consider when raising VC.

  • Eddy Sheehy: Tech entrepreneur, investor and advisor

    Eddy is the co-founder and former CEO of Nuix, and led their global expansion from June 2006 to January 2017. In this episode we talk about the Panama Papers, hiring the right people, bad leaver clauses for shareholder agreements, and the importance of marketing and brand for business success.

  • Elizabeth Lawler: Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

    Elizabeth is an Entrepreneur and Angel investor who, having founded and sold cyber startup, Conjur, most definitely understands the game. We discuss her approach to raising and spending capital, the benefits of channel partners in capturing early customers and the importance of values in hiring.

  • Saket Modi: Founder and CEO, Lucideus

    Saket is the Founder and CEO of Lucideus, a self-confessed geek and nerd, and who at 29 is one of India’s most well-known cyber startup founders. We chat about the transition from services-only to having both services and product, what it's like to have John Chambers as an investor, and what vision and values offer to a startup.

  • Mohan Koo: Co-founder and CTO, Dtex Systems

    Mohan spent over 20 years building Australian-grown technology into a hugely successful global business. 2020 sees Mohan and Dtex Systems navigating their third global economic crisis. We talk strategies to navigate through the challenging period, and how to maintain morale while you do it.

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Demo Days



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    Case study: Dekko Secure

    Dekko Secure is a flexible and secure workflow platform for critical and confidential documents. CEO, Jacqui Nelson, was part of the CyRise accelerator second cohort, flying to Melbourne each week from their Sydney headquarters to take part in the program. Dekko provides a secure cloud-based environment where any group of approved people can communicate, collaborate, share and sign-off on confidential documents.



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